FOR BEGINNER TRAVELERS ONLY: Learn the basics in no time!
  Master the Fundamentals of Travel
The Comprehensive Guide to Get You Traveling in No Time
Master the Fundamentals of Travel
What You Get:
  •  10 Chapters of Packed Info: These chapters are jam-packed so you can travel in no time! Distilled from 6 Continents of travel.
  •  Travel Safety: Learn from an Army Special Forces Veteran about being safe while you travel all over the world.
  •  How to Plan for Travel: Exact step-by-step, how to pick a location, plan for it, budget and everything in between.
  •  Multiple Ways to Read: With your purchase, you get a PDF version (77 pages), Kindle version and iBooks version. All included with no additional costs.
  •  Learn Travel Photography: Travel photography is easy to learn once you know the basics. That's what this guide is all about. Show your friends back at home the best of your travels.
  •  The Best Ways to Get From Point-A to Point-B: All the best ways to take planes, trains, automobiles & more!
  •  Bonuses! You'll get 2 surprise bonuses to help on your travels!
  •  All for $29.95: All the lessons learned in this guide will likely save you hundreds of dollars. Mostly importantly, it will save you time, which you can never get back!
Never traveled? no problem...
Not knowing how to travel is one of the hardest aspects of travel. From not knowing how to plan, to not knowing how to be safe during travel can be stressful. You don't have to learn the hard way. 

You can learn the MOST important aspects to jump-start your travels. Broken down into easy tips to make you go from travel newbie to experienced traveler FAST.
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  Have you always wanted to travel,
Increase Freedom
Lack of Experience has held you back. You feel you don't know how to travel, and you might make mistakes. Because of this, you are missing out on travels all over the world. Traveling will help give you the experiences to fill what may be missing in your life. 

Don't let not knowing get in your way of traveling the world and experiencing new things in life. 
  What You Need
Increase Freedom
You Need someone that has been there before to guide you. So you can shortcut your way to traveling like a pro in no time. Nobody should have to go through life not being able to travel if they want to. 

Don't let a lack of experience or knowledge hold you back. You're not in this alone. 
  Follow These Simple 3 Steps
Increase Freedom
1. Download the Guide 
This step is simple. Make the decision to learn travel from an experienced traveler. Buy the guide right now.

2. Read the Guide
Sit down and go through this guide. It is packed with how-to's and exact methods of planning travel. These tips will clear up the most confusing parts of travel that you don't know right now.

3. Implement the Guide 
Take the lessons and ideas from the guide to use on your first trip. 
  What People Are Saying:
"'s about connecting people..."
When I first had a conversation with Lane, I realized that he was committed to helping people get out and leave their comfort zones through travel. His approach is quite unique, allowing a great culture to be built for learning and teaching. I stand behind Lane 100% and recommend Fulfilled Traveler to anyone, because at it's core, it is about connecting people and exploring this planet.
Steve M. - Massachusetts, USA
" can expand one's mind..."
I get the impression Lane is humble, despite the fact he's not your average bear. No Special Forces talent is average. The fact he's likely lived adventures most of us will never experience, I find what he shares and encourages in traveling, the benefits to your mindset, and his genuine passions for the life changing aspects of truly appreciating what you can get from travels, inspiring. 
Emily B. - Virginia, USA
"'s about enjoying the journey..."
Kris S.
I was on a late flight from Taiwan to San Francisco, where all of the people around me were complaining about leaving their vacation to return to their regular lives. Then it hit me: I'm on a 13 hour plane ride and totally content because I'm practicing fulfilled travel. I would recommend this to anyone who wants their life to be about the journey as much as reaching the destination. 
Kris S. - Massachusetts, USA
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Dynamically Updated
  Don't Let Another Day Go By...
Increase Freedom
Avoid WANTING to travel and take the right steps so you CAN travel. Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back anymore.

Don't miss out on new experiences in life. These new experiences will teach you many things about yourself and the world around you.

Buy the Guide and change your life. Give yourself the chance to make a lasting impact on your life. Fill that void inside that can only be filled with travel. 
  This can be you:
Enjoying the Fresh Mountain Air
Exploring the Beaches of Cyprus
Snorkeling in Australia
Skiing Next to a Swedish Sunrise
Skiing in Sweden
  Do Step 1 - Download the Guide Today